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To Appreciate the efforts of parents, & to motivate the Pupil, We Honor them with different titles Throughout the session, These titles can be accomplished by only Rigorous efforts.

Healthy Food

Healthy food that has healthy giving qualities and which gives neutral values to the body of the child. Healthy food is natural food without artificial ingredients.
We observe many things to giving a healthy food title to the students
1. Lunch according to menu prepared by school.
2. Properly wrapped / packed.
3. In case child bring healthy food as per his / her choice that will be considered.
4. Eating manner / etiquettes during eating food.

Best attendance

Attendance is an important part of education system which finds a child to attend school on regular basis, as result, it leads to good academic performance of the child.
1. Points to be kept in mind while declaring student with best attendance.
2. Maximum 30 days attendance.
3. In case, child is absent from two days in school but sending His / Her application / information of His / Her absence then it will be considered as presence of the child.
4. If any student does not come to school without any intimation, same will be considered as absence of the child.
5. Absence due to medical reason or health issue of the child will be marked as presence.
6. Absence due to Marriage/Function/Birthday parties etc. will be considered as absence of the child.

Student of the year

A child must have following qualities for being declared student of the year
1. He / She must be regular in the school.
2. He / She must carry healthy food regularly.
3. He / She must participate in the curricular activities as well as achieve some good position in that activity and competitions.
4. He / She must wear Neat /Clean & ironed school uniform regularly.
5. He / She must obtain good marks in class test as well final exam.
6. He / She must respect their teachers as well as Parents & Elders.
7. He / She must be well mannered within the premises of the school as well as outside the school.
8. He / She must maintain discipline in the classroom an in school.
As all above mentioned points are not possible without co-operation of the mother's co-operation, as Mother's are the first teacher of the every child, hence our school honor the mother of the Student Of The Year with the Title NUTRITIOUS PARENT, as a Mothers Nurture's the Child.

Gleaming star

While declaring gleaming star of the class, we observe following points of the student.
1. He / She must gain good marks in monthly & Class test.
2. He / She must be regular in school.
3. He / She must be good at maintenance of their school bag.
4. He / She must participate in school activities and competitions.
5. He / She must interaction with other students in positive way.

Best bag

Best Bag Title we Observe the following .
1. He / She must keep all the books & Notebooks well Maintained,
2. He / She must bring school diary every day.
3. He must carry hanky / napkin with lunch box.
4. His / Her H.W and C.W should be neat & clean.
5. His / Her bag should be neat and clean and well managed & arranged
6. His / Her Writing should Neat & Clean.
7. His / Her should be Completed & be checked Regularly.

Best Holiday Home Work

Creative Work is given during holidays to keep the child impacted with studies through creative work, As creativity is the best Sources to make learning more Meaning full & interesting.
In the best Holiday H.W following points are observed.
1. His / Her holiday H.W must be neat & clean.
2. It should be done by self with Parents Guidance .
3. He / She must not get H.W done by their parents.
4. Notebooks related to holidays H.W must be covered as well as labeled with name of particular subject.
5. All the Mentioned task for Home should be completed & Pupil should be able answer any Query related to the same.

Punctual star

Punctual star indicates a student of class who will be regular to school and will try to score almost 100% of his / her attendance in class. This evaluation regarding punctuality of the student will be on monthly basis.