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Note To The Parents

Note :-

A) The school follows a six days week and remains closed on second Saturday of the month. Parents should send their children punctual and neat and clean school uniform with properly trimmed nails and hair should be maintained properly.
B) Parent teacher meeting are Organized one time in a month. So parents are requested to attend every P.T. meet for better future of their children.
C) The teacher should not be disturbed while the class is in progress.
D) Parents are requested to go through and signed signed student’s diary daily as use this as a mean of a communication with teacher.
E) Parents are requested to encourage their children to do home work and self study daily.
F) Parents should not encourage the unruly behavior of the child, if there is any problem of this type, they should just meet to school authority for this.
G) Students should not bring costly articles, viz crackers, colours, bangles, rings, mobile etc to the school. The school does not take any responsibility in case of lose of such articles.
H) Parents are requested not to send their sick child to attend classes.
I) Parents are requested to submit the fee and other dues of their children on time.